Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Is it . . . .

Man or Astroman?

Imagine Eddie Munster decided to start a garage sci-fi surf band with the robot from the day the earth stood still on drums, wolf man on bass and the creature from the black lagoon on rhythm guitar, then you’ve pretty close to what Man or Astroman? Sound like!

As with most of my favourite bands, I was turned onto these guys by the mighty Peel. I think he had them on for a fair few sessions, and regularly used to play album tracks, 7”s and so on. Their songs are littered with samples from obscure sci fi movies and other top trash such as The Munsters, Space Ghost, The Jetsons, and I was pretty much in love from the get go!

Don’t know where to tell you to begin with them as they’ve got so many split 7”s, e.p’s, comps, albums and so on out just go nuts and buy whatever you can (although you should never listen to me, otherwise you’ll be bankrupt within a year).

Their covers are class too, anyone who’s a fan B-movies will have a whale of a time looking at them online!

Geek fact time: Years ago when we first got SKY, I remember religiously staying up to watch Alternative Nation on MTV (Toby something?). I’d record all of them on VHS and also write down any bands I liked the sound of so I could check them out at a later date. Found so many cool bands through this programme, Guided by voices, Super furry animals, Labradford, Girls vs. Boys . . . . . . when one night, who should be on in session:

I genuinely thought they were from out of space! Oh wait, they actually are.

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  1. Do they come from Planet Claire? Great stuff. I'll have to play you Martians Go Home by The Monochrome Set one day. Not half so manic, but in the vibe.