Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The assembly line

Nearly done, there'll only be 20 or so copies, each one has a different sticker on the back, all hand made and numbered.


  1. I understand from young Rob that you've set one of these aside for me! I'm hugely honoured and can't wait to freak my eardrums out with it. (By the way, as you can see, I have renamed my own blog because I decided Spuriosity meant absolutely nothing at all and anyway I think other people were using the word. Funcanny doesn't mean anything either but at least kind of suggests my interests, and it's unique. Also if you read it quick it looks like Fanny.)

  2. Hi Rich, yeah i've sent Robin a couple in the post today, should get them tomorrow! Get ready for a bongo noise freakout!

    Tried to comment on your Stranglers post the other day but it wouldn't let me for some reason, I spent ages typing why the Ravens my favourite album of theirs but it seemed to dissapear!