Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Spaceships on the radio - #09

This weeks Spaceships on the radio is up for download, and this one brings the FUNK! Made up of stuff that's on my laptop that I'm enjoying at the moment. Funk, soul, pop, s & m themed disco, electro, a new wave nun with a drum machine and Syd Barrett. You've GOT hear the mutant sex dungeon disco of track 04 "You've got the whip . . . . . ooohh baby you like it!" Also that Shirley Ellis cut is surely the best party tune ever?

Happy listening. Jim x

01: Herbie Hancock - Introduction
02: Stereolab - Outer bongolia
03: Shirley Ellis - The clapping song
04: Must - Sado maso disco
05: Herbie Hancock - Fill the hand (Death wish OST)
06: Sun Ra - Nuclear war
07: Rolf Harris - Sun arise
08: Sister Irene O’Connor - Mass Emmanuel
09: Herbie Hancock - The spook who sat by the door
10: Nico - I’m not saying
11: Kraftwerk - Hall of mirrors
12: Add N to X - Brothel charge
13: Black orphan - Metal leg
14: Ariel pinks haunted graffiti - Reminisces
15: Tonstartssbandht - Walken with Jesus
16: Boris & Michio Kurihara - And I want
17: Syd Barrett - Terrapin
18: Throbbing Gristle - I.B.M
19: Mark E Smith - The cd in your hand
20: Spectrum - The end


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  1. Loved this Jim. I don't get the chance to listen often because my PC's in my office, so I'm normally doing work on it and I find music distracting. Made time today, doing some housekeeping. Particularly liked the Stereolab (I only have the Tomato Ketchup album, Sun Ra and Spectrum of course. The Sun Arise into Mass Emmanuel link was sublime. Always liked Sun Arise but Sister Irene was, I must admit, someone who had previously escaped my notice!