Saturday, 19 February 2011

Spaceships over Deeside invite you to . . .

Take acid. Meet Satan.

Think i've watched too many 60's-70's satanic B movies this week. Yes anyway, hope you enjoy this one it's a real trip. Classic surf from The Shadows, French psychedelia, proto metal from Pinnacle, weirdo prog from the C.A quintet and a slab of head swirling space rock from The Heads and Monoshock. Track 06 in particular is very interesting as I believe it's an early incarnation of Kraftwerk, excellent freeform jazzy kraut rock stuff. Oh there's Mudhoney covering a Hawkwind track and some BLACK SABBATH too. Don't forget, go out any buy anything you like the sound of in these mixes.

PS: That Moon duo track is going to blow your fu**ing mind.

01: Acanthus - I thought i had a hallucination
02: The Shadows - Apache
03: X'Lents - Psychedelia
04: Shakes Sauvage - Jukes Boxes Chez Saidani
05: The C.A quintet - Underground music
06: Organisation - Milk rock
07: Pinnacle - Thumbscrews
08: Mudhoney - Urban Guerilla (Hawkwind cover)
09: Moon duo - Motorcycle, I love you
10: Black Sabbath - Wicked world
11: The Heads - Lagavaan satellite
12: Monoshock - I took you to it baby
13: The Brian Jonestown massacre - Hyperventilation
14: 13th floor elevators - Rollercoaster
15: Bembeya Jazz national - Diaraby
16: The rolling stones - We love you
17: Crocodiles - Sleep forever
18: Krzysztof Komeda - Track from Rosemary's baby OST


Happy listening. It's a riot from start to finish, a companion to Jim's tip mix which can be found here:

Jim x

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