Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Spaceships On The Radio 27...

Evidence of Witchcraft in a small Welsh village.

"And now... for our more dreadful sacrifice."

120 minutes of heavy psychedelic drone, noise, folk, soundscapes... happy listening.

01: Intro: Appointment with the Wicker man
02: Burzum - Fra verdenstreet
03: Third Eye Foundation - I've seen the light and it's dark
04: Moon Phantoms - All is dyed in the midnight
05: Paul Giovanni & Magnet - Willows song
06: Aphex Twin - Domino / Yoko Ono - Airmale
07: The Tuss - Death fuck mental beats
08: Paul Giovanni & Magnet - Maypole song
09: Father Yod - Journey thru an elemental kingdom
10: Main - XII
11: The Heads - Side 4 of Dead in the water
12: Outro - Appointment with the Wicker man


If you like aanything you hear in these podcasts then please go out and buy the originals. Support artists and support your local record store. Oh, and don't EVER watch the Wicker Man remake.

Jim x

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