Thursday, 17 May 2012

Death In Deeside

What's up? I had the pleasure of spinning a few tracks early doors for the guys at Rope in Wrexham this week. Top dude who's pushing good music. Have a peek, he's got some KILLER bands in the pipeline for this year. Pysch heads are gonna be having panic attacks. Check it out:

Death In Vegas were a beast. The Transverse . . . stuff sounds gorgeous live. Absolute killer reworkings of Dirge & Aisha too. Hopefully some videos will start popping up on thoutube soon enough, I saw plenty of people with cameras out.

Downloadable mix of the tracks I played:

01 - Ruth White - Spleen / The Telescopes - Another Sky
02 - Sonic Boom spoken word sample / Fuxa & Sonic Boom - Girl (Suicide cover)
03 -Throbbing Gristle - Death Threats sample / Cabaret Voltaire - Split Second Feeling
04 - Magnetophone - Benny's Trip (Sonic Boom remix)
05 - Can - Oh Yeah / Can Oh Yeah (Sunroof remix)


Jim x

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