Saturday, 23 June 2012

Spaceships on the radio 39

Transmissions from the black pyramid.

Greetings lizard folk, as-well as the usual Brother James selection, this week we've got a special eye melting 40 minute guest mix from Deeside psych lord BertBachBlues to close things off: It's a H.E.A.V.Y. beast. Head on over and pay him a visit for fuzzy rumblings and space rock freak-outs! Happy listening!

Spaceships on the radio 39 feat BertBachBlues:
Transmissions from the black pyramid.
Brother James
01 - Goblin - Suspiria
02 - Titus Groan - Hall of bright carvings
03 - Salem Mass - Witch burnings
04 - Crack - Day of doom
05 - Zombi - Zaratozom
06 - Pinnacle - Thumbscrew
07 - Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
08 - Hookworms - Teen Dreams
09 - Baby Guru - Here Comes The Lulilud
10 - The Heads - For Mad Men Only (May Blitz Cover)
11 - Radar Men From The Moon - People Who Stay On Earth Will Explode
12 - The Cosmic Dead - The Spaceman

Thanks for downloading and please don't forget to buy anything you like the sound of in these mixes. Support artists and support your local record store. Respect as always to The Mighty Peel. Follow Thee Spaceship on the dreaded facebook for updates and freebies POW!

Brother James.

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