Thursday, 28 March 2013

VOD Music & ROPE present: RSD 2013

Brothers. Sisters. Children of the sixth planet.... Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time, cause y'all have knocked her up...

Hear THIS.

VOD Music & ROPE take over Mold on 20-04-13 for Record Store Day.

Aswell as the usual RSD goings on (hope you've got your lists printed off. Let the stress begin!) there will be bands, DJ's, art stalls  . . . and lots of crate digging!

You know the score. Two great guys who spread the good word. Really can't say enough good things about the guys and the work they do. Gems. Good vibes!

Show some love: 

Twitter: @VODMusic1

Twitter: @ROPE_CLUB

I'll be spinning wax at some point throughout the day. Expect some Heavy Dub Space Business. Deep crates!

Also pleased to tell you that some good friends will be manning their own art stall for the day, selling origial paintings on canvas. Some pictures of their amazing work can be seen below, taken at The 2013 Connahs Quay Record Fair.

Line up: 

 The Revolutionary Spirit 2pm
  Rope DJ 20min set
  The fag machine 1.20pm
  Spaceships Over DJ 20min
  The Uninvited 12.40pm
  Rope DJ 20min set
  Keith Ashbury 12pm
  Spaceships vs Rope DJs 11.30am


Check that HEADS canvas!

Hope to see you there.

Brother James x

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  1. that iggy looks particularly reptilian, is that on purpose?