Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yes. Out of nowhere they come from the no point.

"When you say Black Arts, you're open to something else 'cos it means two things, when you say that, you bring forward a lot of spirits that will examine very carefully as to whether you one of their brothers...."

Spaceships over Deeside DJ set for ROPE - 04/07/2014

01 - Ritz Ortolani - Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)
02 - Copeland (Ft. Actress - advice to young girls
03 - Perc - Dumpster (Clouds remix)
04 - Powell - Club music
05 - Magnet & Paul Giovanni - Maypole song 
06 - Cherelle / Aphex Twin - I didn’t mean to turn you on / Cock/Ver10
07 - Millie & Andrea - Drop the vowels

All samples taken from: 150 Murderous Passions, Or Those Belonging To The Fourth Class, Composing The 28 Days Of February Spent In Hearing The Narrations Of Madame Desgranges, Interspersed Amongst Which Are The Scandalous Doings At The Château During That Month and Sun Ra - The Ark and the Ankh

Brother James x

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