Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spaceships over Deeside - Hairy hairy hairy

Here's the first track off the new Spaceships album

The yeti THE YETI:

. . . . . and the last

No more spaceships:



  1. Yeti Yeti YETI was ABOMINABLE! No, I jest. It was great. Perhaps my favourite piece by you. I love the way it built up, adding layer onto layer and it was almost - sorry to have to say this - tuney! No More Spaceships soothed me into a hypnotic state where aliens were able to probe my arse without hindrance - until they got a whiff of it, then they were off. Phew!

  2. Thanks for listening Rich, yeah all the new stuff is in the same vein as these, very melodic and upbeat, lots of those spacey passages like the second track too.

  3. Loved Yeti mate. My favourite stuff is still from you're church of colours ep, tracks 2 and 3 that segue into each other. and theres that glorious track on the credits of that superb film. what was that called again?