Friday, 29 October 2010

Spaceships on the radio

Halloween special!

Alreet ghouls! 2 podcasts this week, Halloween special below, loads of rockabilly, doo wop, rock n' bones, AND the Freddy Kreuger rap! There'll also be Sundays as usual on, erm Sunday. Happy Halloween everyone, have a good one.
Jim x

01: Beat happening – Bewitched
02: The Fall: I’m a mummy
03: Hasil Adkins – No more hot dogs
04: The Oblivians – I’m not sick, there’s a plate in my head!
05: The Mummies – Land of 1000 dances
06: The Cramps - I was a teenage werewolf
07: Frankie Stein and his ghouls – Dance of doom
08: Tyrone O’saurus and his cro magnons – The monster twist
09: The undertakers – Born in a graveyard
10: Randy Luck – I was a teenage caveman
11: The Fall – A figure walks
12: Captain Beefheart – When i see mommy i feel like a mummy
13: Half Japanese – Werewolf
14: Tahiti - Unknown artist (Taken from take it off! Stag party music)
15: Theme from 2000 maniacs
16: The sonics – The witch
17: Kirk and the outlaws – The midnight hour
18: Screaming lord Sutch and the savages – Jack the ripper
19: Roy Newman and his boys – The devil with the devil
20: Sheb Wooley – Purple people eater
21: The gruesomes – Munster shindig
22: Ghouls Voo doo juice!
23: The fat boys ft Freddy Kreuger – Are you ready for Freddy?



  1. This is great, Jim. Finally got to listen to it while trawling the net for news stories for Paranormal Magazine - kind of apt. Love loads of it: The Fall's 'The Mummy'; Hasil Adkins; Roy Newman; The Gruesomes; Fankie Stein; Tyrone O'Saurus (that's not genuine 60s surely?); and 'I was a teenage caveman' (a film starring a young Robert Vaughan, incidentally) is possibly the most sexist record I've ever heard. Result!

  2. Thanks Rich! I had a right hoot compiling this Hasil. Adkins is one of my heroes, a one man band, long live The Haze! The Sonic's the witch is my fave from this, the all time top garage tune maybe? Pure filth. Keep your eyes out for the next two mixes, they're absolutley nuts!