Sunday, 7 November 2010

Spaceships on the radio 05 - Jim's trip

Have fun with this one! 10 tracks, just under 80 minutes, this is Jim's trip. Track 2 is too beautiful for words, one of my all time favourites for sure. Trackslist and download link below.

Happy listening

Jim x

01: Bardo Pond – Limerick
02: Magnetophone – Benny’s trip (sonic Boom remix)
03: The Heads – Chipped
04: A place to bury strangers – To fix the gash in your head
05: The Vandelles – Get down
06: Part chimp - 30,00000000000000 people
07: Silver apples – A pox on you
08: Suicide – Mr Ray
09: Velvet underground – Sister Ray
10: Spaceships over Deeside – The yeti THE YETI!



  1. Love Silver Apples and Suicide in particular of this playlist. Not generally a fan of discordant or drony stuff (I know you are!) but Magnetophone certainly did win me over with its almost endless sumptuousness. And The Yeti THE YETI! sits alongside everything else perfectly comfortably - you need to start releasing stuff properly, Mr Jim. There must be a specialist label out there who would fall over themselves to get you tunage.

  2. Thanks for the download again Rich, this one's had a stack of downloads, haven't got a clue who's been grabbing them though!

    Yeah that Silver apples track is an absolute classic, way way ahead of its time same with Suicide, they must have fried peoples brains! How good is that Magnetophone track? It's a Sonic Boom remix, turns it into the ultimate off your head druggy space track!