Sunday, 14 November 2010

Spaceships on the radio 06 - Go to sleep

One for the heaadphones in bed. Happy listening.

Jim x

01: Autechre - Altibzz
02: Arab Strap – Islands
03: The Staple Singers – He’s got the whole world in his hands
04: Thomas Koner – Nuuk (Night)
05: Trash humpers extract – You girls juss suck large fat penis
06: Mogwai – Now you’re taken
07: Magic Beach – Ghost Island
08: AFX – Box energy remix
09: Sex Worker – No More
10: Set Fire To Flames - Wild dogs of the thunderbolt
11: Low – Lord can you hear me?
12: Experimental Audio Research – Submarine
13: Spectrum – Go to sleep



  1. Gorblimey, Jim! Yesterday I couldn't access your blog because it said it had been deleted! I tried several times. 'Bastards,' I thought, 'it must be because of those playlists.' Glad you're still here. I shall download at once (cool pic of Barbara Steele, btw). Oh yes, and thanks for the comments you've previously left - I've only just spotted them.

  2. Thanks Rich, yeah everything conencted with my email went down yesterday for a while as some idiot hacked it to send bloody spam emails, all sorted now though.

    This one's a bit nightmarish, it's got a strange dream / nightmareish tone to it, it's the sound of my brain melting hahaha!

  3. would it be much of a pain to request some of these older playlists be re-upped?

    1. Hey not at all! There you go, updated the link in the post. Enjoy!